Transfer Students

We are pleased to accept transfer students into our program. While transferring to a new institution can be a bit complicated, we hope that you will find the following information helpful to assist with your transfer.


Computer science courses are made of two very important and complementary components: theory and language implementation. Most colleges and universities teach very similar theory, however their implementation language may be very different. Due to this uniqueness, it is imperative that students wishing to join us for their sophomore or junior year have both the proper theory and a solid working knowledge of our primary implementation language, which is currently Java.

Students wishing to take the introductory computer science sequence at a community college and then transfer in to our department may need to prepare themselves by taking additional Java language classes if their introductory sequence is taught using another programming language.

Upper-Division Placement

For transfer students coming from an Oregon community college, in order to satisfy the requirements for our two introductory courses, CSIS 201 and CSIS 202, you must complete the following required theory classes:

  • CS 161 Computer Science I
  • CS 162 Computer Science II

As both are likely taught in C++, you must also demonstrate proficiency in the Java programming language by taking recommended Java programming classes:

  • CIS 133J Java Programming I
  • CIS 233J Java Programming II
Alternatively, you may demonstrate proficiency in Java by preparing a portfolio of completed work to be evaluated by department faculty.

If you have any further questions about transferring to our program, please contact Dr. Brent Wilson. For more general information about transferring to George Fox University, please visit the undergraduate admissions website.