Advisory Boards

Industrial Advisory Board

Our program is advised by an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) comprised of senior subject-matter expert advisors from industry. The IAB includes executives from large corporations in the Pacific Northwest, actively serving in senior roles ranging from leadership and administration in the high-technology sector to expert cybersecurity specialists. Faculty in our program meet annually with the IAB to brief board members on the state of our program, student enrollment trends, and major initiatives to expand and refine our offerings. Board members provide valuable insight into the latest industry trends, market needs, employment outlook for our students, and strategic direction.

For more information about our IAB, including potential opportunities to join the board, please contact Dr. Brent Wilson.

Student Advisory Board

Our program is also advised by a Student Advisory Board (SAB) comprised of current students in our program. The SAB includes students from each of our majors/concentrations/minors, with care taken to ensure representation for the diversity of our students and their interests and career goals.