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List Description
acmw GFU ACM-W
Alumni CS Alumni (and current Majors)
CSIS201 CSIS201 Intro to Computer Science I
CSIS202 CSIS202 Introduction to Computer Science II
CSIS304 CSIS304 Web-Based Programming
CSIS310 CSIS310 Data Structures
CSIS314 CSIS314 Client-Server Systems
CSIS321 CSIS321 Software Engineering
CSIS330 CSIS330 Human–Computer Interactions
CSIS340 CSIS340 Database Management Systems
CSIS370 CSIS370 Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
CSIS380 CSIS380 Secure Software
CSIS412 CSIS412 Computer Security & Digital Forensics
CSIS420 CSIS420 Structures of Programming Languages
CSIS430 CSIS430 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
CSIS434 CSIS434 Parallel Computing
CSIS440 CSIS440 Artificial Intelligence
CSIS450 CSIS450 Network Administration
CSIS460 CSIS460 Operating Systems
CSIS480 CSIS480 Introduction to Compilers
CSIS481 CSIS481 Senior Design I
CSIS482 CSIS472 Senior Design II
CSIS485 CSIS485 Special Topics
Majors Computer Science Majors
MATH190 MATH190 Precalculus
MATH260 MATH260 Discrete Mathematics
MBIS430 MBIS430 Networks/Telecommunications
Readings EYS Semester Reading

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