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Multi-Modal Data Collection via Mobile Devices

Project Overview

In the past few years, mobile devices have become powerful and sophisticated data capturing computers. Multi-touch has enabled commands to be conveyed quickly and simply with a swipe or gesture. Accelerometers detect movement and can register the slightest tilt or roll. Cameras and microphones capture video and audio data from the environment. With these abilities, many mobile devices are more capable than a desktop or laptop computer in respect to gathering data.

We are experimenting with identifying useful modes of input on devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch to build powerful data-collection devices that can capture more data with more accuracy. We hope to deploy practical data-capture solutions in a number of contexts.

Sponsored By

George Fox University Richter Scholars Program


Photo of David Hansen Professor David M. Hansen
Principal Investigator
Photo of Justin Howard Justin Howard
Research Assistant

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Justin Howard's Richter Scholar Proposal

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