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Glomus - An Undergraduate AI Course Project

Project Overview

The Glomus project is developing software that can be used to implement a course project for an undergraduate course in Artificial Intelligence. Glomus (a rough Latin translation of the word "clue") is a course project we have developed for teaching students the fundamental tasks of symbolic AI, specifically

  • knowledge representation,
  • reasoning, and
  • taking action
The Glomus system of software provides a compelling framework for developing agents that play a "whodunit" game similar to the boardgame Clue*. The Glomus software provides support for the development of intelligent agents, allowing students to focus on the fundamental tasks of symbolic AI without having to learn a complex agent framework, new programming language, or procure and maintain hardware.

The Glomus web site provides access to the Glomus software, curricular materials, and suggestions for integrating the project into an undergraduate AI course.

* Clue is a registered trademark of Hasbro.

Sponsored By

George Fox University Richter Scholars Program


Photo of David Hansen Professor David M. Hansen
Principal Investigator
Photo of Joe Bruce Joe Bruce
Research Assistant
Photo of David Harrison David Harrison
Research Assistant
Photo of Zach Hayes Zach Hayes
Research Assistant

Project Resources

 Glomus Web Site with access to the software and curricular materials
Client-Server Protocol
NWACC Proposal
Joe Bruce's Richter Scholar Proposal

Publications and Presentations

Give Students a Clue. SIGCSE '07, March 7-10, Covington, KY.